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SHIFT 360™ Is a Programme Designed to Help Professionals Redirect their Careers, Switch Industries or Move into more Entrepreneurial and Innovative Opportunities.

The world is changing rapidly, would you like to be better prepared for the new world?
  • Do you have sound plan and exit strategy to shift your career?
  • Would you like to accelerate the learning require to sucessful transition from one industry to another industry?
  • Would you like to align with your personal mission and purpose?
  • Are you interested in learning how to create flow in your life and feel empowered to build your new future career?
  • Does making an meanful social impact resonate with your long term vision?
  • Are you ready to commit the time and energy to transform into the new you?
  • If you want change, can you look yourself in the eye and accept 100% responsiblity to make it happen?
We speed the transition from career to self directed freedom.
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Kelvin Ung
Kelvin has vast experience having worked across finance (global institutions such as UBS, CLSA and the Global Investment house around the world.) Kelvin has also served as a regulator working across the Securities & Futures Commission. Beyond finance Kelvin has also worked in and with electronics manufacturers, fashion manufacturers serving global multinationals, e-commerce, and supply chain. 

Possessing utilises a mixture of knowledge gained across industries and combines this with trainings learned from EMDR (the gold standard for post traumatic stress disorder) and Hypnotherapy to support coachee clients handle the transition and challenges that come up during periods of great change.

Shift 360™ programme is an career, mindset and wellness programme targeted as executives that want to change their career direction.

Develop confidence that your strategic personal roadmap can be executed successfully.

Looking for other services?

Here some of the other coaching topics that I cover that may be more suitable for what you are looking for:

22 - 30 [Early stage careers] seeking:

• Linked in Profile review and rebuild (HKD2,500)
• CV presentation review (HKD2,500)
• Investment bank, big4 or MNC interview preparation. (2 hours coaching package HKD4,000)
• Promotion strategies and getting to senior manager or director level and above. (3-5 sessions) 10k-15k HKD

30+ [Middle Management] HKD2000
• Career rebranding for purpose of promotional aspiration
• Relocation strategies
• Relocation compensation negotiations
• Performance appraisal issues and overcoming management tension.

[Executive and senior management] (quotation post engagement review) HKD3800

• Leadership team development
• Leadership team rebuild / reorganise
• Aligning Senior executives and strategy shift
• Developing change transformation strategies and going digital
• Business scaling and regulatory strategies
• Developing innovation culture in uninnovative or stagnant businesses
• Post acquisition integration of senior management
• Restructuring of investment management companies, operations outsourcing and applied technology innovation.
• Resolving internal moral and culture issues post management take over
• Resolving senior management conflicts so all parties WIN (and avoid getting fired!)

I have a tier by tier no-commitment method of engagement. Armed with both strong management, people and culture skills and also deep technology know how with respect to apply machine learning to enhance organisation visibility on cross division data. "Big data done right....." with respect cost, implementation and organisation engagement (hundreds to thousands of staff impacted positively).

I also handle out placement work to COO, compliance, technical architecture and must more.

Please contact me by leaving your details above. I am sure my strategic and versatile experience will serve you and/or your business well.

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